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NODE FLUID 400ML (lot of 2)

The daily non-detergent shampoo, suitable for regularly washing all hair types.
Nodé Fluid can also be used alternately with treatment shampoos.

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15,55 € tax incl.

Shampooing doux quotidien

• Nodé Fluid’s non-irritant and non-lipid removing washing base efficiently removes dirt and prevents the hair becoming greasy too quickly.
• Its coating and restructuring properties strengthen the hair shaft, make the hair easier to style and give it added volume.
• If used regularly, Nodé Fluid prevents imbalances in the hair.
• After wetting your hair, apply Nodé Fluid and lather by gently massaging the scalp.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat the operation. The rinsing time should always be longer than the washing time.
• Let your hair dry naturally or, if you use a drier, make sure that the air is not too hot (excessive heat stimulates the secretion of sweat and sebum and makes the hair electric).
• Nodé Fluid can be used as often as you need.
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